Securing the Large Blue in the Polden Hills

Counting Butterflies at New Hill and Tannager in 2015

Rachel Jones, Conservation Officer for Butterfly Conservation thought she would follow up on the request for new walkers for the New Hill and Tannager transect.  She has had one person come forward who has offered to walk it, who can commit regularly from June. Therefore it would be good to get other people to help so we can get a full coverage of the season (April – September).

I can send anyone interested, a document which runs through the methodology for transects to give an idea of what is involved. The transect is at New Hill and Tannager SWT Reserves and I can also send a map of the transect. It covers a large area so it requires a bit of a commitment and people who are of reasonable fitness for the terrain.  We may also need a transect walker for SWT Reserve Prospect Fields – but this will be confirmed early in the new year.

What I propose is that if anyone is interested in helping with the transect then for them to get in contact with Rachel ( or phone 01929 406018) and let her know. She will then arrange a meeting on the site in the new year for anyone who is interested in walking the transect and invite the previous transect walker to show us the route. Here we will walk the route, run through the methodology and following this send round a rota for people to register their availability.

Image from Butterfly Conservation Photo from Butterfly Conservation

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