Beak and Claw

The diversity of bird life (not to mention insects and mammals) at Langport Water Treatment Works is quite staggering for such a small area. Ringing was postponed there earlier this week as a young male Sparrowhawk took up a commanding position on one of the water turntables. For 30 minutes he went round and round (backwards), watching the nervous starlings on the telegraph wires and the swallows and house martins that were now keeping a very safe distance.  Chiffchaffs and willow warblers retreated into the undergrowth, the chiffs lighter than a £1 coin but the willow warblers carrying large reserves of fat for their imminent migration.

Langport 8 Sep 15 037Langport 8 Sep 15 013

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3 Responses to Beak and Claw

  1. ourplan11 says:

    I am now even more keen to visit this site in the parish of Curry Rivel!!


  2. ourplan11 says:

    ourplan11 is otherwise known as david german


  3. I’m ringing there tomorrow morning (Thursday) from 0700 hrs until midday.


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