What’s On In Our Region

Evening Talks in Somerton

 25th February 2016                                      Looking After Somerset

Tim Youngs The SWT Reserves Managers introduces  the HOL’s most extensive reserves and talks about their management development and access.

The Parish Rooms Market Square,Somerton, TA11 7NB @ 7.30p



17th March 2016                                         Whats In The Water of Somerset’s

                                                                        Living Coast

Nigel Philips provides an update on two years of beach and marine surveys by SWT.

The Parish Rooms, Market Square, SomertonTA11 7NB @ 7.30p



Volunteering For Somerset Wildlife Trust Outdoors and on Reserves

Plant Survey Volunteers

Our Senior Ecologist and Survey Officer would like to recruit 2 volunteers to help with the survey and mapping of vegetation communities on SWT nature reserves.  Please take a look at the Role Outline and apply by emailing your application form to volunteering@somersetwildlife.org.

Seeds for Change Volunteer

Help the Mendip Living Landscape team monitor a field trial testing legume and herb rich grass leys. The field trial aims to demonstrate that silage grasslands can provide increased benefits to wildlife whilst maintaining agricultural productivity. This work will really help us to work with farmers to try and better connect fragmented species rich grassland habitats across the County.  Please see the Role Outline for more information and if you’d like to apply, email your completed application form to volunteering@somersetwildlife.org.

Coronation Meadows Volunteer

Help Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Mendip Living Landscape team restore wildflower meadows.  Volunteers will harvest wildflower seed, grow plug plants from harvested seed and plant out plug plants at wildflower meadow restoration sites across the Mendip Hills. We’ll also need help broadcasting a lot of brush harvested seed by hand at the restoration sites.  The Role Outline gives more details.  To apply, email your completed application form to volunteering@somersetwildlife.org.

Volunteer Reserves Assistant, Ford Farm

This is a hands-on role based at Ford Farm, Bradford-On-Tone each Wednesday, helping the South and West Somerset Reserves team with a wide range of practical tasks on reserves.  For more information please check out the Role Outline.  To apply, email the application form to volunteering@somersetwildlife.org

Bittern Surveys, Avalon Marshes

Female Feeding Flights:  In the next few months we will start to record female bitterns during the daytime in feeding flights to and from the nest.  We need your help!

More information on our Bittern Survey here

The Blackdowns Big Bat Survey 2014

The Blackdowns Big Bat Survey is back!  Help us search for these interesting mammals across an Area of Natural Beauty and make this year’s survey bigger and battier than last year.

Volunteer Reserve Wardens

Volunteer Reserve Wardens are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Trust on its reserves, of which there are more than 70 in the county.  They visit one or more reserves on a regular basis and report back on any problems, on work which may need doing, and on other significant features.  Depending on the nature of the reserve and the inclinations and talents of the warden, there is potential for significant additional  involvement.  Download the role outline.

Currently there are vacancies for Volunteer Reserve Wardens at the following reserves:

– New Hill and Tannager  ST 498 317.  Visit here

– Middledown ST 485 530.  Further information here

– Lots Grassland ST 481 564.  Further information here

Please show your interest in any of these on the enquiry form.

Visitor Supporters on Reserves

We are looking for volunteers for a new initiative to be trialled on several of our key nature reserves; Westhay, Catcott and Black Rock, to spend time talking with new and regular visitors to the reserves, providing information about the site, including recent sightings. This role is ideally suited to someone who already knows and loves our nature reserves and is keen to share this interest with other visitors. Download the role outline or contact volunteering@somersetwildlife.org for more details.

Mendip Adder Survey

We have had an amazing response to our request for help with this year’s adder survey in Mendip, organised in conjunction with RAGS, and we now have a full volunteer survey team.  Volunteer for future Adder Surveys or report a recent adder sighting in Somerset.

Recording and Surveying Volunteers

The monitoring and surveying season begins in the spring and offers seasonal opportunities to get involved with a wide range of species and habitat surveys. You can also get in touch with any of the species surveying groups in Somerset to find out how to get involved.


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